Q: How can you provide this service without charging more?
A: Royal Mail give us a small discount.

Q: Is there a minimum order?
A: The minimum post-free order is £85. We work on a very small margin so will add post and packing to smaller orders - 90p. 

Q: Can anyone order?

A: We usually supply businesses, schools and charities. We can supply individual purchasers, but if you are not known to us we would usually require payment in advance by cheque or internet banking. Or address is shown on our home page and the bank details are shown below.

Q: If I place an order today, when will the stamps arrive?
A: All stamps are sent First Class and should arrive the next working day provided we receive your order by 4pm. After 4pm will still try to depatch all orders but cannot guarantee this. Royal Mail have a target of 93% to arrive by the next day which means that 7% probably won't. During December please allow Royal Mail much longer - 1 week + is not unusual.

Q: Can I open an account with you and pay monthly?
A: Our terms of supply are that payment is made by return of post. The reason for this is because the margin on stamps is extremely low and it is not worthwhile us supplying if extended credit is taken.

Q: Can I pay by BACS or direct from my bank account?
A: We will accept payment by BACS or payment direct from a bank account provided this does not delay payment. We will not accept, for instance, if you only do a BACS run once or twice a month. Our details are Lloyds 30-00-03 Post Haste Account No 01013783. Your company name and Invoice number should be quoted.

Q: Can I pay online using a credit/debit card?
A: Due to the low margin on stamps and the high percentage taken by card companies for payment by this method we do not accept card payments.


Q: What are 2nd and 1st worth?
A: These stamps are known as NVI's (no value indicated) and are valid for whatever the basic postage rates are for 2nd class and 1st class respectively. They are not time dated and will always be valid for the current rate however long ago they were purchased and irrespective of the colour or design. For current values see the Order Form. This also applied to 2nd Large and 1st Large.

Q: Can I use NVI's (marked 2nd and 1st or 2nd Large and 1st Large) for any other purpose?
A: NVI's may be used as part payment on any item to any country provided the full cost of postage is paid. For current values see the Order Form.

Q: Do I need to use an Air Mail sticker to send a letter to Europe?
A: All mail to Europe is sent by Air Mail, but it is still best to place a sticker or write BY AIR MAIL - PAR AVION in the top left hand corner of the item.